A Multi-Channel Approach to Growing an Online Presence

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The Overview

A locally owned Spokane Valley health care facility offering a multi-service approach to rehabilitation, therapy, and senior living wanted to acquire more patients and residents. Our team developed a multi-channel campaign to enhance branding; familiarity; and target patients for home health and adult family homes.

The Strategy

The campaign was comprised of billboards, print advertising, online advertising (search, retargeting, display) and landing ages that engaged viewers in a clever, approachable manner, conveying the facilities professionalism, personality, and expertise.

The advertising text invited viewers to get to know the brand and the services they offer. Visuals included their logo along with photos of patients and their caregivers. 

Goals and Objectives of the Campaign:
  • Communicate the brand's services. Messaging had a clear call to action for people to pursue more information about Home Health Care and Adult Family Homes.
  • Enhance brand awareness to create positive brand impressions.
  • Generate leads for each ad group and prompt them to call or fill out a form for more information.

Billboard locations were strategically chosen to provide maximum coverage for the facilities Spokane Valley location in highly trafficked arterials. Using Google Analytics, we saw an increase in visits to the website and search term queries that correlated with the billboard messaging.

The Results

The entire campaign was a success. From December 2017 to July 2018, the online campaign generated 1.4 million impressions over 3,500 clicks. On average, online ads were viewed nearly 45,000 times a week to effectively promote and enhance their brand awareness and service offerings. The online campaign also generated user form fills and phone calls requesting more information about adult family homes and home health services. 

Building brand awareness takes time. By utilizing both print and online strategies, our team was able to make an impact by driving leads and traffic to the brand's website. 

Visits to site increased by more than 70% year over year. The number of new users to the site also increased by 87%.

Metrics from Google Local Business Listing revealed an increase in search impressions as well as views on their Google Maps listing while the campaign ran. At the start of the campaign in October 2017, the brand had nearly 5,500 views on Google Maps which increased by 27% to 6,400 views by July 2018. Views on search went from 7,000 views in October to 11,200 views in July, a 76% increase.

Google customer actions were also monitored to gauge how effective the campaign was in driving clicks on Google Local Business Listing for directions, phone calls, and traffic to the website. 

During the campaign, click to get directions to their facility went from 125 clicks to 265 clicks, a 114% increase. Phone calls went from 57 phone calls to 154 phone calls, a 170% increase. Clicks to the website went from 200 clicks to 443 clicks, a 130% increase.

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