Preventing Digital Eye Strain

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The Overview

When the pandemic hit, screen time was at an all-time high. While technology benefitted society as we tried to remain connected with the outside world, there were some unforeseen side effects. Spokane Eye Clinic noticed this trend and asked Klü to help them educate and aid those suffering from digital eye strain.

The Strategy

1.     Goal


There was a dual-edged goal for this 5-month digital marketing campaign. First, we wanted to educate on how to prevent digital eye strain. Second, we wanted to help people with digital eye strain schedule an appointment to see one of the healthcare professionals at Spokane Eye Clinic.


2.     Audience


The audience was all ages and demographics experiencing the onset of digital eye strain.


3.     Geographic


Targeting for this campaign included a 20-mile radius from the Spokane area.


4.     Platforms


The primary platform for this campaign was the Google Display Network. We ran responsive display ads that, when clicked, would take users to a landing page designed to drive phone calls and appointment scheduling.


5.     Creative


The images used clearly showed people experiencing digital eye strain. They clearly conveyed both the problem (eye discomfort) and the solution (scheduling an appointment).

The Results

The campaign was very successful! The Klü team was able to bring in new eye strain customers to Spokane Eye Clinic. The display campaign had over 500 conversions. Nearly 120,000 people landed on and engaged with the landing page, while organic traffic increased 21%. In only 5 months, over 136,000 new users learned about digital eye strain! Looks like Klü and Spokane Eye Clinic teaming up clearly helped our community!

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