Global Label Company Sticks Business with Klü

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The Overview

A well-known label supplier came to Klündt | Hosmer seeking assistance managing their paid search efforts. At the time, their search campaigns were driving large amounts of traffic to the website while conversion rates remained low. 

With plans of expanding their online product offerings, the brand needed to drive more revenue without increasing budget.

The Strategy

We created a strategy that addressed duplicate conversion goals, keyword match types, bid adjustments, and keyword lists. The result was increased quality scores that reduced the ad spend while significantly improving relevant traffic and revenue.

The Results

Return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 124%.

By monitoring the terms users were searching for, our team was able to target a more defined audience. As a result, return on ad spend (ROAS) for the account increased by 124%. Revenue generated from Google paid search ads increased by 35% and by eliminating irrelevant traffic clicking on their ads, ad spend decreased by 39%. Finally, by optimizing the landing page copy, our team was able to reduce the bounce rate by 67% and increase average session duration by 177%.

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Never Miss an Update

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