Klü. A New Division of Klündt | Hosmer

Klü. A New Division of Klündt | Hosmer

Posted April 4, 2019
By Cody Hanson |

We're Klü, a fun new digital marketing division of Spokane-based marketing firm Klündt | Hosmer. At Klü Digital, we offer strategic digital marketing and management, SEO, local listings, content development, and lead generation services.

Klü’s ownership brings over three decades of professional agency experience to the digital marketing field. Our digital marketing philosophy is inclusive and client-centered, combining data and award-winning design. Klü’s Google-certified strategists work closely with the creative team at Klündt | Hosmer, Klü’s parent company, to achieve high-performing, visually-appealing creative campaigns. 

Founded in 1987, Klündt | Hosmer is one of the largest and best-regarded branding and marketing firms in Spokane. In 2009, the firm began providing digital marketing services and grew as clients’ digital marketing, SEO, and content development needs expanded. Continued growth in this niche encouraged the firm’s leadership to launch Klü, the digital division serving domestic and U.S.-based international companies.

Klü offers paid search/PPC, targeted display and retargeting ads, Google Business Listing management, SEO, and data analytics. Our strategists develop the campaign approach, then implement and manage campaigns in-house through digital media outlets including Google Ads, Bing, private ad networks, and paid social media. Klü’s capacity provides marketers with timely data insights, enables them to quickly pivot strategy and adapt campaigns to the changing landscape of measured analytics. This results in marketing decisions based on data, not “gut feelings”.

The Klü digital marketing team includes Jean Klündt, Diane Mahan, Cody Hanson, and Meghan Upton.


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