Google Shopping vs. Amazon

Google Shopping vs. Amazon

Is Amazon Marketplace Right for You?

If you've been wondering if Amazon is the right fit for your company, there are many factors to consider.

Amazon is now the third largest digital advertising platform, and the majority of e-commerce companies are moving more marketing budget from Google to Amazon, even though Google remains the top digital advertising platform.

Why is that? Amazon has 95 million Prime members with 59% of those members within the United States.

Apple and Jimmy Choo Sell on Amazon. Why Can’t You?

When consumers are searching for luxury brands on Amazon, it's because those brands have built a strong presence outside of Amazon. People search for the brand and not the category. A brand must start from a position of strength which is why a strong foundation off Amazon is essential.

Similar to Google, Top Rankings are Important on Amazon

Consumers don’t typically shop past the third page on Amazon. The organic results that populate on the first search engine results page (SERP) are those that have strong product listing and solid conversion history. Many factors make up Amazon’s algorithm, including the content of the page and customer reviews. Amazon's goal is to create an enjoyable shopping experience for both the seller and the customer while receiving a share of each sale.

Running Ads on Amazon

Running Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Product Display Ads are all required to gain visibility on Amazon. While the platform has 95 million Prime members, they also sell over 356 million products and services. Amazon creates private label brands where they realize a profit margin where no other company can compete. Be cautious if Amazon decides to copy your products. Their tactis is to make just enough minor changes to still be legal and sell it as their own. Chances are, however, there are many products similar to yours—and at a lower price.

Selling to Multiple Third-Party Sellers or Sell Direct?

Many companies think they should sell to as many third-party sellers as they can, so they can have a better chance of selling product on Amazon. That is not the case.

The more sellers you have in your product listings, the more sellers competing for the "buy-box." Amazon rotates its sellers in  rotation. If you have sellers who are selling below the price you want or not running ads, that won't help your brand. In Amazon's algorithm, they look at a brand's conversion history. With multiple sellers, this can throw off your product's metrics.

Why Google Shopping Ads?

With Google Shopping Ads, you can control the buying experience from start to sale. The inventory and links come straight from your website. You to control the budget and what products you want to show while your company can still handle the shipping. 

Google Shopping ads populate in very appealing placements on Amazon including the top of the SERP and to the right of the text ads. These ads include an image, title, description, and price giving the consumer the straight forward information they need to make a purchasing decision.

google shopping women's hand bags

Google Shopping Ads also works to grow your brand outside of Amazon. The more brand awareness you can have off of Amazon the better your company can do competing against millions of products.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Think about your long-term goals instead of looking for a quick fix. If you have a well-known brand that people are searching for by using branded terms on Google's Search Query, then Amazon could be the right choice for your products. One thing to keep in mind is that consumers are usually loyal to Amazon and not your brand. It is essential to have a robust website and legit content leading to your Amazon product listing so people can study your brand first and become loyal customers.


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