Call-Only Ad Updates

Call-Only Ad Updates

Google Ads Released New Updates to Call-Only Ads This Year

Google works to constantly improve their online searches for the consumer and the retailer and Call-Only Ad features continue to improve as more and more of the world turn to mobile to find what they need.

How to Fully Utilize Call-Only Ads

Call-Only Ads are intended to encourage people to call your business and appear only on devices that make phone calls. Once they click on the ad, it places a phone call instantly. This works really well for businesses who want to track calls.

Similar to Google Search Ads, Call-Only Ads are shown on the search network and you're only charged when someone clicks to make a phone call.

If you are hesitant about having your entire campaign dedicated to call-only ads, there's a way to test this ad type. Google recommends that you have at least three different ads, so they can decide which ad is going to be the most relevant for the consumers experience. You're allowed to have two text ads and one call-only ad.

Released February 2019

Earlier this year, Google released an update to their Call-Only Ads. Previously, Call-Only Ads only let you add the phone number as the headline. Now, they give you the option to add two headlines with a max of 30 characters.

call only ad example preview

The Obstacles 

When testing Call-Only Ads, we came across some obstacles when trying to ad Call-Only Ads to a specific ad group. If you navigate directly into the Ad group, then click to add a Call-Only Ad, you may find that Call-Only Ads are not listed as an option.

google ad extensions example

To add a Call-Only Ad, follow these simple steps;

  1. Go back to all campaigns
  2. Click Ads & Extensions
  3. Then click the Call-only ad
  4. From there click the Ad group of your choice

call only ad google ads

For any kind of ad, it is essential to use up as much real estate as you can. Take full advantage of the two headlines that are given to you. As well any additional descriptions and extensions. Taking up the most ad space really makes your company show and creates less space for your competitors above the fold.

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