Auditing Your Paid Search

Auditing Your Paid Search

Google paid search ads are shown above Google organic search results, increasing the likelihood of your target audience clicking through to your site.

Every time someone searches a keyword or phrase on Google, there’s an auction within Google Ads to determine which ads appear on the first page of the search results. Three primary factors determine your ad’s position: keywords, bid amount, and quality score.

Google allows us to target keywords your customers are searching for.

For instance, an auto parts store may add “car parts” as a keyword to target people searching for various car parts. To refine this audience even further, Google gives us the ability to target customers based on geographic locations. This way, you’re only showing ads to customers in your service area.

Each keyword you add has a maximum amount you’re willing to pay for each click. This is designated as max cost per click. You determine the amount you’re willing to pay per click for each keyword. Google will also show whether you’re bidding enough to rank at the top of the search results. Our team consistently monitors these bid amounts to ensure you rank well for your key terms.

Google’s algorithm also considers quality score.

Quality score is calculated using the content on your landing page to ensure its relevant to the keywords you’re bidding on. For instance, an auto parts store bidding on the keyword “men’s t-shirts” would have a low quality score because the content on their landing page has nothing to do with men’s t-shirts. However, they would likely have a high quality score for keywords like “car parts” since their landing page discusses about car parts.

Google also offers ad extensions to help your business stand out among your competitors. Ad extensions offer additional content to your audience by adding more direct links to your site, location information, phone number, and reviews, just to name a few. Extensions are free to use and help increase the likelihood that customers will click on your ad.  

Search campaigns are an effective way to target customers actively searching for your products and services.

Unlike traditional media, search ads let you control who sees your ads; day and time you want your ads to appear; and where you want your ads to appear.

Ensure your business is found by allowing the team at Klü Digital to build and manage your next Google Search Ad Campaign.


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