Being social takes work.

We examine your audience, go where they hang out, and develop a strategic paid social campaign that brings results.

Some businesses tell us they've found no value in using social media in the past. Once we dig further, we usually find out that they were posting but not replying; using a stream-of-consciousness approach like they would their personal page; or allowing an intern to manage their social media campaign. No wonder they think it didn't work. A good strategy never puts extra effort into bad tactics—that would be like an experienced driver trying to navigate the highway with square tires. Social media cannot be an afterthought, especially now the rules have changed and organic posting on social media does not get in front of audiences anymore. Like it or not, it's pay-to-play. Although it's often seen as digital extortion, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others provide an opportunity to develop a targeted campaign to get in front of an extended audience instead of sporadically posting, which is like flinging spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Work with us to tame your social campaign. Don't let it run wild.

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