We've all shopped on Amazon.

Many people have a strong opinion on Amazon. Good or bad, it sells millions of products.

Amazon Marketplace is home to some of the globe's biggest brands running ads on the largest online marketplace to put their products ahead of their competitor's. You can too.

While many people are already showing up for the keywords they want organically, they don't think ads are beneficial on Amazon but they are missing out. Consumers typically do not shop past the third page on Amazon. So, if your products are buried on deeper pages, it's likely they won't be seen. Running Sponsored Ads helps consumers find you on the first and second pages. 

As the competition increases on Amazon, it's important to protect your brand by bidding on industry keywords so competitors don't begin winning placement on your branded terms, becoming more relevant than you. A strong organic placement is crucial for your product within Amazon's algorithm of product placement. There are many factors that can play into their algorithm. Our team has the expertise to navigate this complex platform.

It is important to have a strong presence on Google to master the Amazon Marketplace as well. Most of the time, brands do not taking a holistic approach to their marketing strategies. Why is this important? Amazon and Google are actually connected. No, we don't mean they are owned by the same companies or people. It's actually quite simple and not nefarious. The majority of research is done on Google then consumers go to Amazon to find the product. Amazon's search engine is one of the largest in the world. Amazon uses keywords to rank product, which gets them in front of customers. 

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