Is your business invisible?

Without a business listing, your business is nearly invisible. Sound harsh? It is. But it's true.

Paper maps are a thing of the past. Most people navigate using the maps on their phones and ask Siri, Alexa or Cortona. Claiming your business listing on search engines is vital for people to find you. Google is the new Yellow Pages. Get listed.

Stand out in the crowd.

Over time, your business has likely had an increase in competitors, both physical locations and online. Many competitors are forcing your map listing lower on the search results page as they manage their business listings and get reviews.

Local business listing management goes beyond maintaining Google and Bing listings. It includes listing optimization for services and descriptions, duplicate listing suppression, generating reviews, and monitoring comments.

Local business listings are surprisingly neglected which results in outdated or incorrect information. Most business owners who are managing their business listings on Google, Bing, Facebook, and others, quickly realize that trying to manage dozens of directory listings on different websites is overwhelming and time-consuming. Instead, we'll manage all of your local business listings on Google and Bing, along with 60+ other publishers such as Facebook, Yelp, Citysearch, and MapQuest. As part of our local business listing management services, we will monitor, manage, and optimize your business name, address and phone number, along with other company information (e.g., business descriptions, business hours, holiday hours, photos, videos, products, services, staff bios, calendars, and current discounts), manage reviews and comments. Since busy professionals like you have many other things to do with their time, we can manage this time-consuming, but critical, aspect of digital marketing for you.

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