Measure twice, cut once.

Klü doesn’t base online strategies on gut checks or intuition. We incorporate design-savvy and experience with solid data. We’re both marketers and scientists and we pay close attention to what happens after someone sees or clicks on an ad. This informs decisions which in turn affects conversions.

As an expert in your industry, you know your audience. We'll help you know them even better: how your audience thinks; what your audience wants; and the voice and tone that resonates with your audience. Marketing, digital or not, is not about familiarity or intuition. It’s about science.

Here’s why: If we scrap the scientific method and rely only on intuition then decisions are based on guesses and assumptions—like when some people thought the earth was flat or the center of the universe.

As digital marketers, we see this all the time. When online campaigns rely solely on implicit knowledge, they nosedive. But, unlike other marketing mediums, digital marketing collects a lot of data, such as

  • how often an ad is shown to someone online?
  • how often an ad is clicked on?
  • which headline receives the most response?
  • which call-to-action inspires the most activity?

Measurement is part of a campaign's success. Other aspects of a successful campaign include excellent strategy and tactics, the ability to pivot quickly, a defined audience, and a budget to support your goals.

Digital strategists, like us, interpret this data and use it to your advantage. In each campaign, we make a hundred small modifications to ensure that you’re paying for clicks in a campaign that meet your campaign objectives, which could be something similar to:

  • increase the quality of our website traffic
  • generate 5-10 quality leads every month
  • receive 300+ phone calls from potential patients looking to schedule an appointment
  • increase blog subscribers by 150%
  • increase e-commerce sales by 15%

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