High achievers. Brutally real.

The Klü team fosters a culture of collaboration and respect with each other and our clients. Hard work, dedication and seeing a project through to success is a big deal for our team. It’s not about hitting the 9-5 grind for this group of fine people—who love to "geek out" on data and are drawn into anything digital and creative—it’s about hitting and achieving those hard-won successes for our clients, and sharing it as a team when it happens. Our team is comprised of people with diverse personalities (we're serious—we all took the personality test) who have many things in common. For one, we're high achievers, somewhat perfectionistic, data-driven, and dedicated. Clients trust us because we are authentic, transparent and don't hide something when it needs to be adjusted. We tell it like it is and won't sugar coat it. Also, our reports speak the truth and aren't full of make-believe unicorns and rainbows. We like glitter but not in reports.

Jean Klündt Jean Klündt

Jean Klündt

Chief Creative Officer

Diane Mahan Diane Mahan

Diane Mahan

Chief Digital Strategy Officer

Cody Hanson Cody Hanson

Cody Hanson

Digital Marketing Strategist

Meghan Upton Meghan Upton

Meghan Upton

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Creative. Media. Strategy

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Never Miss an Update

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